Welcome to the Centre of Social Paediatrics
Dear Parents and families,

the Centre of Social Paediatrics is an interdisciplinary and multiprofessionel centre under medical coordination and organisation. The centre specialises in examination, diagnosis, consulting and treatment of children and adolescents with developmental risks, disturbances and disorders that could – without treatment and professional help - result in severe developmental disabilities, impairments, behavioral and/or mental disorders. The interdisciplinary and multiprofessional team consists of physicians for children and youth medicine, social paediatrics, neurologists, psychologists and psychotherapists, ergotherapists, speech therapists and physiotherapists.
Following careful examination and assessment, individual support and treatment plans are developed to suit the needs of the patients and the situation of the family. We work exclusively in an ambulant setting.
Established 25 years ago and offering a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures adhering to the latest medical standards, the Centre of Social Paediatrics is an important resource able to contribute to your children´s health and well being.



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